Montana One Call Center / UDIG

CALL: 811 or 406-755-UDIG (8344)
800-551-8344 (within Montana)

Homeowners and Professionals: Call 811 to contact UDIG at least three working days before doing any excavation work


UDIG is a free service that provides a single phone number for the public to call to notify utilities with buried facilities that may be affected by the excavation project. It's provided by Flathead area utility companies and municipalities whose purpose is to make the excavating process safe.

UDIG puts safety first!

Our goal is to prevent personal injury, property damage, and damage to buried services during an excavation project.

UDIG has been the recognized ONE-CALL NOTIFICATION CENTER for Flathead, Lincoln and the northern portions of Lake and Sanders Counties since 1979. UDIG is administered by the Flathead Valley Utility Coordinating Council Inc. (FVUCC), which is a non-profit corporation comprised of owners of underground facilities in these areas.

Who Needs UDIG?

All private and public entities who are planning on doing any digging or excavating.


This includes...

planting a tree

digging a ditch

building a fence


burying a pet

digging a foundation