Montana One Call Center

1-800-551-UDIG (8344) or 406-755-UDIG or 811 [email protected]

It’s Free, It’s Easy, It’s the Law!

Montana 811 is a free service that provides a single phone number for the public to call to notify utilities with buried facilities that may be affected by the excavation project. It’s provided by Flathead area utility companies and municipalities whose purpose is to make the excavating process safe.

  • Request your free locate
  • Call 1-800-551-UDIG (8344)
  • 406-755-UDIG or 811


In our world today, many of the utility services to our homes and businesses are buried underground. While visually nice, this adds responsibilities whenever digging occurs. The buried services, commonly called “utilities”, belong to those utilities and must be located in any proposed dig sites.

Whether you’re planting a shrub, rototilling a garden, installing a fence, and much more; you must call and request that the buried facilities in your dig area be identified, or “located”, prior to digging. The location of these underground facilities will be identified with paint colors.

This is a very simple overview, but you get the idea. This website was created to help answer your questions and easily guide you thru the ‘locate request’ process. After all, we know you have digging to do, let us help you get it done safely. It’s free. It’s easy. It’s the law!