Montana One Call Center

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Become an Authorized Contractor

Why Become an Authorized Contractor?

Prequalified Authorized Contractors can use Fax-A-Locate! This is a great time saver for frequent users of the Montana 811 system who have been pre-qualified through the application process. Many of our frequent users of the fax-a-locate program include;

  • Building Contractors
  • Excavators
  • Landscaping Companies
  • Fencing Companies

What is Fax-A-Locate?

The Fax-a-Locate Operating Procedure is designed to expedite the excavation notification to the Call Center. The excavator or designer may submit their locate request via FAX to the Montana 811 call center.

You will receive confirmation of your work location request within three (3) hours of submission, assuming the locate request form is properly completed.

The Fax-a-Locate Confirmation will be sent with a locate ticket number and a list of which members will be notified in the area corresponding to the dig site. The confirmation will be sent at the same time the work location request goes out to the user members.


Important! A Fax-A-Locate application is necessary to be authorized to use this service. Contact Montana 811 for more information and application forms, at 406-752-6811.


After the Fax-A-Locate application has been received and approved, Montana 811 will furnish you with a master locate request form. This form must be used when submitting any Fax-A-Locate request.

  • The Fax-A-Locate request form must be properly completed with all required fields entered.
  • Maps or diagrams must meet the minimal requirement.
  • Emergency locates must be phoned in. They cannot be processed using Fax-A-Locate procedure.