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New Locate Online Request

Currently only authorized contractors with IDs and passwords can use the online request feature. Find out how to become an authorized contractor, or request a locate by phone.

Online Request Help Guide

Currently online requests are only available to Authorized Contractors. We are working on making this feature available to Homeowners as well. Please check back on our progress.

After reading the information, first click the “I have read and agree” checkbox at the bottom of the page, then click the “Contractor with an ID number” link at the top of the page.

After reading the information, first click the “I have read and agree” checkbox at the bottom of the page, then click the “Contractor with an ID number” link at the top of the page.

    1. Select and you will be directed to the Line Locate Request Form page. Click on the ‘Excavator with an ID number’ option. Be sure to read the Notice & check “I have read & understand the notice.”
    2. Next, at the Locate Information page, enter you User ID and password. If your password will not work, contact Montana 811 to verify. After your password has been entered, all of the information on file for the corresponding ID number will automatically prepopulate the fields for the Excavator’s Information. Please note that the E-mail field may be blank. You must enter a valid email in order for the locate to process.
    3. What is the Excavator / Owner field? In this field, please enter who will be doing the actual digging. If it is your company doing the actual digging work, then we need to know who it is you are doing the work for. For example, if you are doing the work for a Homeowner, we need you to type in “Homeowner” and their last name. If you are doing the work for a developer or another company, please provide us with this information.


  1. Dig Site Physical Location – Enter the city in which the work is taking place. If this is in a rural area, please enter the city that would be closest to your location. You can enter the first 3-4 letters of your city, click “Search” and the system will automatically bring up any cities corresponding with the letters you have entered. Use the drop down menu below the city field to choose which city the excavation will be taking place in.
  2. Subdivision / Lot / Block – This field is just below the city information. All or some of this is very helpful to our locators, if available.
  3. Address – The first field will be the numbered street address. The next is the street name. This is searchable like the city. You may enter the first few letters of the street name or the entire street name and will be given a drop down menu corresponding with the information you have input in this field. If the street name is not available on the drop down menu, you may input the street name on the next field, “Specify if not listed”. Once the addressing and street information is complete, the database will pull all of the streets intersecting with your specified street. Again, you can use the drop down menu to select your closest intersecting street. If you had chosen to enter a street that was not available in the database, you will have to manually enter your intersecting street(s).
  4. Latitude and Longitude – this information is unable to be used at this time.  This change is coming soon.
  5. Legal Land Description (Township / Range / Section) – This is very helpful to provide to us if your street and/or intersecting street(s) did not come up in our database.
  6. Dig Site Information – It will first begin with the Work Start Date and Time. This will automatically default to 2 business days from the time you are submitting the request (not including the day the request is made). Please see Frequently Asked Questions for further information on this time frame. Please note that only Standard Locate Requests can be submitted via the Online Request Program. Emergency Requests are not available via the Online Request Program.
  7. Work Type – There is a drop down menu that lists all of our available work types. Please choose the one that best fits your reason for excavation. If this is not available, please input at the field to the left under “Specify if not listed”.
  8. Exact Dig Location – Please select any of the options that may apply to your dig location (i.e. private property, street right of way, etc.)
  9. Additional Info / Marking – There are two fields in this category. First is the Digging Instructions. In this field, you will describe where on the property the digging is taking place. If you are digging on the entire property, out to and including the entire Street Right of Way. Please describe in words here. If you are just digging on the East side of the property, indicate that portion of the property only. The next field in the Marking category is the Additional Info field. This field is used to give helpful information such as dogs in yard, any premarkings, crew’s onsite, etc.
  10. Finally, you are given the option to attach an optional sketch. If you would like to do so, you may attach a .jpg file of your map. We cannot accept Aerial maps or Google Earth type maps. Many of our members / locators receive the locate requests and maps via fax and these types of maps simply do not print out legibly in a fax transmission. The more color and/or ink on your map, the less likely the site map will transmit properly.
  11. You are now ready to submit your locate request. If you would like to cancel the order, you may also do so. If there are any fields left blank, it will return you to the request form and ask you to complete these fields before moving forward. Once completed, you will be asked to verify all of the information you have entered before moving forward. Please read all of the information in the “Important Notice” Section at the bottom. If you need to make any changes to your request, you can click on “Correct Your Information” and will be brought back to the Editing page. If all of the information you entered is correct, you may click on the “Send Request” button.
  12. The next page you will be brought to is your WEB confirmation number. This means the ticket has been sent to our office for verification. This is not a Line Locate Ticket number. It is used for tracking your request. Your actual ticket number will be sent to you via fax or email once the operators at Montana 811 have verified and sent your request to our member utility companies. Please allow 1 hour to receive the ticket number & confirmation. If you do not receive the confirmation within one hour, please contact our office at 1-800-551-8344.
  13. You may now choose to either go back to our home page or submit another request. If you choose to click on “New Request”, you will be brought back to the Online Request page and all of your information will still be there.

Some Things to Remember

  • Only Standard Locate Requests can be submitted via the Online Request program. We do NOT accept Emergency locate requests Online – you must call.
  • You will notice the “Help” buttons throughout the Online request page. You may click on this button for information on that particular field.
  • On some of the fields, there is a red asterisk; this indicates that this is a required field. If the field is left blank, the system will not let you process the request.
  • While it is very helpful to provide us with a map, it is still equally important to provide us with locate instructions in words as well.
  • You will notice the following under “Important Notice” just before you send your request. By sending the requests, you are understanding and accepting responsibility to the terms and conditions in the Important Notice, which reads as follows:

A Confirmation of the above information will be sent to you by E-mail. Verify all information for accuracy. Montana 811 only notifies member utilities; any utilities in the area of the excavation that are not listed on the confirmation, should be called directly.

The Utilities require you to hand-dig within 18 inches of either side of the buried utility. Depth will not be determined. The description of work that you provide is the only area to be located.

Montana 811 is not responsible for lost or misdirected E-mail. It is the responsibility of the requestor to contact Montana 811 / Montana One Call Center by phone within a reasonable time after submission if you have not received your confirmation within 3 hours. You cannot legally start digging until two working days after the date and time on your confirmation.

If any errors are detected on the confirmation, please call 811 immediately so a correction notice can be issued.