Montana One Call Center

1-800-551-UDIG (8344) or 406-755-UDIG or 811 [email protected]


Process Overview

Montana 811 notifies the current members of the parent organization that may have buried facilities in your designated excavation area. It is the responsibility of each utility or member to mark and/or communicate this information to you within two business days, not including the day the request is made. Practice in the Montana 811 territory has been for the locator to paint marks on the ground to indicate buried facilities in the designated dig area. Locators will paint marks or use flags, using the Standard APWA paint color for each respective utility. If you are ever in doubt as to your understanding of the color markings, please call 811 for clarification of the marking information.

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  • Utilities have two full business days (not including the day you call, Saturday, Sunday or the 6 legal holidays that Montana Dig Law excludes).
  • Multiple line locators will come to the digging site. If you see one mark on the ground, don’t assume that all utilities have been located.
  • If you are unsure if all utilities representatives have been to the dig site, CALL Montana 811, by dialing 811.
  • All Montana 811 calls are recorded. The locate requests are transmitted to members electronically. Montana 811 operates 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.
  • Emergency locates are transmitted to members by phone and electronically, as soon as they are received.
  • Members are required to provide Montana 811 / Montana One Call Center with maps of their service territory. These are not detailed facility maps, but are geographic maps showing the boundaries of their underground facility service areas, with road names, streets, etc.
  • Montana 811 and Montana One Call Center do not actually perform the locate marking. The locate responsibility is with the utilities and members.
  • The line locating process cannot determine the depth of the utility line, only its approximate horizontal location.