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FVUCC Meeting, April 15, 2015

FVUCC Meeting, April 15, 2015

By In Articles On June 18, 2015

Flathead Valley Utility Coordinating Council

U-DIG Meeting

April 15. 2015


The meeting was called to order by Mark Crowley, President, 10:05 a.m., in the Community Room of Flathead Electric Cooperative, Kalispell, Montana.

Present at the meeting were:  Mark Crowley, President, Kalispell Public Works; John P. Hanson, FEC; Al Thorson, FEC; Tom Moody, NWE; JP Gordon, NWE;  Doug Johns, Montana One Call Center; Wendy Creer, Montana One Call Center; Rob Little, Interbel Telephone; Linda McNicol, Interbel Telephone; Ed Sutherland, Lincoln Electric Coop, Chad Green, ELM, Karen Francis, FEC, Robbie O’Connor, Access Montana /Montana West

The minutes were read and reviewed from the previous meeting.  The only item needing correction being the correct spelling of Al Thorson’s name – “o” not “e.”

A brief discussion about the “front-end” announcement callers hear when they dial the U-DIG telephone number.  Due to a technical glitch the recording is too fast and needs to be slowed down.  Montana One Call will take care of this and make needed changes.

A discussion about “811” dialing from a cell phone.  There had been concerns that when dialing 811 from a cell phone the call was directed to the wrong U-DIG call center.  During the meeting 811 was dialed several times and each time the call went to the correct U-DIG call center – Montana One Call.  The carrier tested was Verizon; no one present was using AT&T thus unable to test that carrier.  Rob Little with Interbel explained that calls could be misdirected depending on cell tower programming and some other issues.

Montana Utility Coordinating Council (MUCC) advertising fund.  MUCC has invited FVUCC to participate in the advertising cost associated with a TV – promotion being run through Charter CATV.  This concerns the Kalispell – Polson CATV market areas.  The total cost being $4,800. in this market with a 50/50 cost sharing; thus FVUCC would be responsible for $2,400. over a 6 month period or $400. per month.  The 6 month period would be from April to October.  Motion was made by Tom Moody and seconded by Linda McNichol – motion passed to participate with MUCC.

Following this was a discussion about FVUCC creating an advertising fund along the lines of what MUCC has.  This may entail the adding an “advertising” charge to each locate ticket transmitted to members.  JP Gordon volunteered to gather methodology as to how MUCC developed their system and how it works.  He thinks it being a “surcharge” added to each locate ticket.  There was a discussion about contacting FVUCC members to gather their input and feedback.  JP Gordon would report back to the members of his finding at the next meeting.

The members present did choose to create an Advertising Committee made up of volunteer members.  Those who volunteered to make up this committee were:  Mark Crowley, Tom Moody, JP Gordon, Al Thorson, John Hanson & Rob Little.  Amongst themselves they agreed to meet prior to the next meeting via telephone and email.

A comment was made to see if Doug Johns could have a report about the TelDig “Contractor Bridge” ready for the next meeting.  Doug indicated he would try to have some information available by the next meeting.

A mention was made as to whether the use of “tree-tags” should be considered.  These “tree-tags” being made available to nurseries for distribution.  The idea was considered valid but no decision was made.

It was decided that the next FVUCC meeting would be held June 17, 2015, at 10:00 am at FEC conference room.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

The minutes were recorded and transcribed by Doug Johns on behalf of Tom Moody, Secretary.



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